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Arthur H. Sykes Diaries
Arthur H. Sykes Diaries
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DD/Sy/1/1 Diary 20 July 1859 — 11 Mar 1860(contains accounts at end of volume)/1/2 Diary 11 Mar 1860 — 31 July 1862(contains accounts at end of volume)/1/3 Diary 1 Aug 1862 — 31 Dec 1863(contains 1 page of accounts at end of volume)/1/4 Diary 1 Jan 1864 — 31 Dec 1864/1/s Diary 1 Jan 1865 — 31 Dec 1865(no entries 14 June — 4 July)/1/6 Diary of visit to Ireland 14 June 1865 — 4 July 1865/1/7 Diary 1 Jan 1866 — 31 Dec. 1866/1/8 Diary 1 Jan 1867 — 31 Dec 1867
Arthur H. Sykes Diaries
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This collection of diaries covers the years 1859 to 1867 and are the work ofArthur Henry Sykes (born 1841) the 5th son of Richard Sykes of Edgeley. Hisfamily owned the Edgeley Bleachworks, founded in 1793 by William Sykes andhis partners Jackson and Rushforth. From 1804 the second generation of Sykes,Edmund and Richard, leased and modernised the works. Richard further expandedthe firm after Edmund left the business in 1828 and in the late 1840s the firmmoved into mechanical bleaching. By the 1860s the Sykeses were among thelargest bleachers in the country. In 1900 the firm was absorbed by the Bleacher’sAssociation. The diaries record Arthur’s daily life, mingling socialand business events. The earlier diaries contain accounts which reveal thecost of such things as a haircut, a railway ticket and expenditure on aholiday in France. The diaries are a rich source of information on many aspectsof Stockport life in the 1860s, as well as of the life of a young man belongingto a prominent Stockport family. Arthur Sykes was Mayor of Stockport in 1880.
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