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Acceptable Use Policy for Library Computers

To access our free computer service you must agree to the terms and conditions set out in this Acceptable Use Policy.


Please make sure you:

- use your own library card to access this computer. Do not reveal your library card number or PIN to anyone else.

- do not leave your computer unattended without pausing the session and make sure you log out when you have finished your session.

- supervise your children while they or you are using the PCs.

- agree to use the computers on a self-help basis.

- end your session if you find yourself feeling unwell while you are working on the computer and, if necessary, ask a member of staff for assistance.

- do not search for or view any material that is obscene, pornographic, racist, defamatory, or grossly offensive.

- comply with copyright legislation for any information you are using/printing.

- use your own headphones for private listening.


We will:

reset the computers at the end of every session to erase any personal information that has been entered and any data that has been saved.

- follow the Data Protection Act to protect your personal information. If necessary, we may have to release relevant information about your computer use to the police or other investigation agencies. Personal date will only be kept for 12 months.

- monitor and block sites if necessary.

- not accept any responsibility for the quality, accuracy, or validity of information found on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from online transactions or sending of information.

- end all sessions 15 minutes before the library is due to close/change to unstaffed mode.

reserve the right to ask you about the sites that you visit, terminate sessions and refuse further computer access to anyone not abiding to the above conditions.



Please read these links for more information on our Acceptable Use Policy, how to stay safe on our computers and the internet, and other procedural information.



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